On the deaths of 3 innocents....

I can't help but see a cloud where new angels learn to work their wings, I can't help but see a heavenly playground where 2 little girls and a little boy can run, and laugh, and play as long as they want cause it never gets dark so there aren't any street lights to let them know when to come home....that's because this particular playground is at their home....all 3 ....no bullets flying only other angels, no pain, only joy, only sunshine, blue skies and 3 little ones....Takiya, Kinari, and Lavontay together, happy, playing, and .....and...safe...In His Arms-Donovan Price

on the death of Takiya Holmes 2-14-17

I don't even know what to say. I prayed in the room with Takiya lying there piercing my soul with each ventilated breath she took...I prayed in that room. I prayed with more of her family members in the lobby, this morning I knew I had to be there and be there early...soon after her grandmother came downstairs crying saying my baby is gone, then more and more family members showed up and then her mother .......I prayed but my soul was crying, I dried tears, I held, I comforted, all while inside my soul, was crying and crying out.....but deep down, way deep the pain was cushioned by Praise, my silent tears were underlined by Thanksgiving....for to be able to serve is the greatest blessing....And so ....I Count It All JOY....In Jesus' Mighty Name....And so I say , Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her O Lord And Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her, and May Her Soul Her Precious Little Soul Through The Mercy Of God....Rest in Peace! - Donovan Price