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The "Princess" Play Date

 On July 19th Tacarra Morgan was shot in her stomach, while playing in her grandparents front yard. There were 43 shell casings found on her block after the incident. She was the only one, shot. Tacarra Morgan is 6 years old.

On August 14th, while making the short trip from her grandmother's house, to the car, India Tinker was shot in the arm, and in the leg. India is 6 years old.


Beginning at 1pm THIS SATURDAY January 21, 2017, at Build-A-Bear Workshop in Navy Pier Chicago, Solutions and Resources, and Pray Chicago Youth Edition will hold a "Princess, "Play Date" for these precious young lady's, and some of their siblings!!!

It is our sincere hope that everyone who can will come down and create an atmosphere of hope, and positivity around these little girls, that have come so close to being tragically taken away from us.

We Will Not Let Them Grow Up To Be A Product Of Their Environment! Especially considering they ALMOST became a VICTIM of that same environment. 


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