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"I am a Pastor in Chicago, and a First Responder/Victim's Advocate for the families of Homicide victims.  When a person is shot and killed in Chicago, in particular those that are declared dead at the scene, I arrive approx. 20 minutes after shots fired, and provide ministry and care for the family (upon their arrival at the scene), friends, witnesses, and community. After the crime scene, I transport/accompany the immediate family to the Medical Examiner's Office(Morgue) for body identification, conduct a candlelight vigil (if necessitated), and play an integral part in the funeral/memorial service. I also attempt to point the family in the direction of resources, that can help them heal long term." 

Over the years, many people have recognized and come alongside Solutions and Resources to help raise awareness of victim's families needs.  In 2017, Donovan was blessed to be receive the Citylight International Assembly G.L.O.W. Award for Great Leadership and Outstanding Witness.

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Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.  - Proverbs 3:8

A trusted Voice for Victims, Families & Chicago NEighborhoods in crisis

Donovan is a highly requested speaker in Chicagoland, sharing stories directly from victim's families, he can help your event participants to understand what really happens in the lives of residents in neighborhoods affected by violence.  

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To find out scheduling to have Donovan speak at your event, please fill out the Request Form and you will be contacted shortly.